Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog-friendly Fence

Choosing the Right Dog Fence is really important in order to keep your pet in yard. With proper fence, you make sure that your pet is safe and secure at the yard. However, how to choose the right dog fence for your pet? Here are some things to consider. While there are many fence types available in the market which you can choose from best wireless fences for dogs to the cheapest fences for dogs, it is worth to consider below things before you take any decision.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog-friendly Fence

Consider the fence height

If the fence is not tall enough to keep your dog inside the yard, it can easily run over the fence and escape. Therefore consider the height of the dog fence that can keep your dog inside the yard without jumping over it. For this, consider the dog’s height and its capability of jumping over.

Check the Picket spacing

Picket spacing is important if you consider having spaced-picket style fence. However, consider whether your dog can squeeze in between pickets or not before you choose the right size.

Compare different Types of dog fences

As there are many different types of dog fences available in the market including wireless fences for dogs, you can check different types and features before you decide.

Don’t forget to read reviews of dog fences. These reviews are mostly from actual users or experts who know about pet care. Therefore such dog fence reviews can help you in choosing a fence for your dog.


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