Heads Up: 3 Times It’s Absolutely Necessary to Change Your Hair Care Routine

For sure, you’ve heard the age-old hair care advice to switch up your shampoo now and then. Your mom probably told you that unless you change, your hair will build some tolerance to the products, and you won’t be able to keep that shiny, silky hair you’ve been enjoying. The truth is, that’s nothing but an old wives’ tale. But you do need to change up your routine every once in a while — especially in these instances:

Change Your Hair Care Routine

When seasons change

Hair is very much exposed to environmental factors, like the weather and the temperature. So you’ll notice it changing as the seasons come and go. During the summer, it becomes more brittle. The scalp becomes oilier than usual, and then sometimes, the hair color fades. On winter, the scalp turns itchy and flaky, while the hair appears to drier. You may even notice floating or standing fine strands, which is a big style blunder. When seasons change, your hair care routine should change too. During the hotter seasons, wash your hair less often. It sounds gross with all those oils building up in your scalp, but shampooing more frequently only exacerbates sebum production, as it strips off the natural oils. Use dry shampoo instead. It’s also essential to stay away from heat — the sun and your blow dryer. During the colder seasons, as much as you want to bathe in hot water, don’t. Or at least leave your hair out of it. It will only dehydrate your hair all the more. Instead, massage it with oils. And since winter is notorious for that itchy, flaky scalp, use natural shampoo and conditioner for dandruff.

When you try a new diet

What you eat affects how healthy your hair is. When you’re lacking or abundant in nutrients, it’s guaranteed that your locks will change appearance. The thing is, a lot of popular diets involve excluding certain food groups. For instance, the vegetarian diet doesn’t have as much protein and iron as the body needs. This can make the hair more vulnerable to breakage.

For this reason, other than finding supplements for nutrient deficiency, you need to use products that will strengthen your mane. Apply leave-in conditioners at the end of your locks. Make it a habit to have some deep-conditioning hair mask once a week also. Swap your hairbrushes that have metal or plastic bristles for those made of sustainable wood, as the former is more likely to pull on hair hard. The bottom line is, when you’re trying a new diet, your hair care routine should change, too. Make sure to know what you’re trading off in your new regimen, so you’ll know how to adjust for hair health.

When you’ve just colored your hair

Change Your Hair Care Routine

Your hair is at its most vulnerable state after coloring, so you need to add some extra TLC for it. If you’ve just gotten a new hue for your locks, wait at least three days before shampooing to make the color set into your hair cuticle. Wash your hair less frequently too to avoid losing the color. When you do wash your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. This hair product helps in maintaining the hair color and keeping your locks shiny and healthy. On days when you don’t wash your hair, use dry shampoo.

Is It Time to Change Your Routine?

Again, it’s not true that your hair becomes used to the products you’ve long been using. You do need to change your routine though when you encounter those mentioned above. All the best in keeping your locks healthy!

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