Tips on Choosing Water Lilies for the Garden

Choosing plants for your water pond is a really exciting part of landscaping. However if you don’t select the right plants, the final appearance will not really make you happy and cheerful. Water lilies are popular as cheerful water plants and therefore here are some tips to select the best water lilies for your water garden and to make it really attractive!

Tips on Choosing Water Lilies for the Garden

Consider the colour

If you check around you’ll find different varieties of water lilies with different colours. Atraction water lilies and Charles de Meurville Water lily types give red flowers while Colossea Water Lily produces pink shades in flowers. If you like to have a cheerful garden then bright flowers such as Atraction water lily would be great. However light colour varieties such as Colossea Water Lily will create peaceful and relaxing environment.

Tips on Choosing Water Lilies for the Garden
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Check the level of maintenance

Some plants require regular attention and maintenance where some lilies are capable of growing without much care. You can consider this according to your ability to maintain a water garden. The best is to get the advice from your garden supplier about the best varieties.

Buy from reputed companies

When you buy and select water lilies for your garden, always buy plants from reputed garden suppliers. This will ensure you to get good quality plants which are grown with care and attention.

Check more varieties before buying

By checking more varieties of water lilies, you will know more details about the flowers and plants. So it is good to have some idea on different varieties of water lilies such as Hermine Waterlily,  Fabiola Nymphaea Water lily and other popular varieties. To select water lilies for your garden, you can also check as they offer different varieties with details.

With these tips, I hope you will have beautiful  water lilies in the garden!


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