Toilet Train your Babies with The EcoBabyloo

Toilet training can be very exciting time in any child’s development years. It is another milestone which parents can help young children to learn toilet habits. Some parents stay till they see the signs of potty training from their kids, or some parents wait till their toddler is 2-3 years old. However, there are parents who have successfully toilet trained their babies starting from just 2 months old.

To ease your toilet training process with very young kids and babies, the Ecobabyloo toilet is designed and currently there is a kickstarter campaign which you can also join.

The Ecobabyloo – The World’s First Toilet Chair for Babies

The Ecobabyloo is recognized as the World’s First Toilet Chair for Babies. With its features like comfortable sitting, easy to clean and durability, The Ecobabyloo makes it toilet training time fun and interactive for both babies and parents.

Made with recycling materials, This toilet chair is safe for young children and even for infants to learn toilet training. Parents can easily keep their infants or toddlers sitting on the EcoBabyloo for some time teaching them toilet habits and even they can allow their babies to explore the body parts.

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