Top 5 Garden Tools that the Gardener Should Have

Gardening may be your passion or to some extent the way of passing your leisure time. But when you are doing it you must know the proper way that the professional gardeners do. And most importantly you must have the essential garden tools that are prerequisite to be a gardener.

In a true sense, there are lots of gardening tools that require having to start gardening. So if you are a new gardener you may face problem to decide that which tools should have your top priority.

Top 5 garden tools that the Gardener Should Have

For you, in this article, I have brought up the top 5 garden tools that every gardener should have as gardening can’t be imagined without them. So, let’s know more about these top 5 tools.

Top 5 garden tools

  1. Shovel

A shovel is such a tool that prerequisite for most of the gardening task. To be mentioned particularly a shovel can do several gardening tasks including:

  • Digging soil
  • Removal of soil
  • Addition of soil in the garden
  • Loose gardening materials; compost, mulch, soil, fertilizer, etc.

Whether you need to dig a deep hole or fill a bed with compost, scope away weeds or spread on mulch, a high-quality shovel is a must.

Top 5 garden tools that the Gardener Should Have

  1. Hoe

It is the tool that you must have for some cultivation works including:

  • Cultivating your soil,
  • Edging your lawn,
  • preparing beds for weeding and planting,
  • Countless other gardening tasks

Mainly a garden hoe needs to cultivate land is essential. This versatile tool comes also in varieties design and sizes.

In fact, a regular Draw or Dutch hoe can meet your most of the needs in gardening.

  1. Secateurs

This tool is also known as pruners or clippers or a pruning shears. Garden secateurs are a very useful tool around the garden. Basically, it is a hand tool. It is needed for shaping and trimming plants. It shrubs and removes dead growth as well. The high-quality secateurs last for a very long time and stay sharper.

  1. Gardening Gloves

A good pair of gardening gloves is a very essential gardening tool as they prevent annoying and uncomfortable thorns and splinters. At the time of gardening, task havoc can wreak on your hands. This havoc is sore and irritating. But you easily avoid them with a pair of gardening gloves.

  1. Rake

Top 5 garden tools that the Gardener Should HaveBefore planting seeds you will need to remove stones, clogs, and rocks from the ground of your garden. And a rake will help you lot in this hard task. You can easily remove rocks, clogs, and stones with it.

It can be used for smoothing and leveling the surface as well. For gathering debris like leaves and weeds, a rake is very handful.

You will find various types of rakes that suit different needs.

Apart from these top 5 garden tools, there are lots of must-have gardening tools like:

  • Spade,
  • Fork,
  • Saw,
  • Wheelbarrow,
  • A pair of scissors,
  • A suitable cushion or kneeling pads,
  • A watering tank,
  • A garden hose
  • An outdoor brush,
  • A lawnmower,
  • Loppers,
  • And finally, a shed to store all the tools and equipment

Final Words

Actually, these tools can make your gardening process more comfortable and meanwhile you can suffer along for the lacking of any of the essential tools.

So when you are going to start gardening don’t forget to have the essential garden tools.

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