Top Things to Know Before Buying a Security Camera

Building security has become a major concern for people all over the world and security cameras or CCTVs have become important tools for securing both homes and businesses. The modern security cameras come in a plethora of types using various high-end technological features such as night vision, motion detection, infrared and many more. Security cameras are available in both wired and wireless versions with the latter gaining more and more popularity in the recent years.

Top Things to Know Before Buying a Security Camera

There are some important features to know about security camera systems before purchasing one for securing your property. 

#1. Resolution and Field of View

The sharpness of the image produced by a CCTV camera is directly proportional to the resolution number of the camera. High-resolution cameras are capable of forming clearer images than low-resolution cameras which enables you to identify people recorded on the camera more easily.

The field of view is the angle covered by the CCTV camera to record the images. The field of view of the CCTV camera determines its placement and the number of cameras required in the premises to provide full coverage. The cameras which are capable of movements can record a wider area than static cameras. 

#2. Type of Colours

CCTV cameras come in both black and white and colored versions. Black and white CCTV camera systems are usually recommended for areas with poor light quality. Colored CCTV cameras are suitable for indoors which have good lighting conditions. Infrared cut filters are used in many colored CCTV cameras for night vision. Night vision is an important feature because intrusions and other nefarious activities often take place under the cover of darkness. 

Top Things to Know Before Buying a Security Camera

#3. Detecting Motions

Many CCTV camera systems possess motion detection features. Such cameras automatically send notifications to you whenever it detects motion within its field of view in your premises. Some cameras can also distinguish between humans, animals, and vehicles. This is a very beneficial feature for the owners. 

#4. Microphones and Speakers

CCTV cameras equipped with microphones are capable of recording sound while the ones with speakers can emit sound. CCTV cameras having both microphone and speakers can be used as an intercom for communicating with anyone standing in front of the camera. 

#5. Connection with Internet

IP or Internet Protocol cameras enables you to connect with it through the internet from anywhere in the world. These cameras connect to the Wi-Fi network of the premises and transmit the images in real time to the owner’s Smartphone. 

#6. Recording

The digital video recorder of the CCTV camera system records the footage on a hard drive. Some of the popular CCTV camera systems have been mentioned here. 

Top Things to Know Before Buying a Security Camera

#7. Vimtag VT-361 Ptz Cloud Camera

The VT-361 CCTV camera system has a resolution of 720p which makes it a high-definition camera. The camera has a zoom capability of 3x and has a variety of motions for providing good coverage. The camera comes equipped with a speaker and a microphone which enables two-way communication. 

#8. Nest Outdoor Cam

This is an IP camera of weatherproof quality with IP65 certification which makes it an ideal option for outdoor monitoring. It has a high resolution of 1080p which provides very sharp images. This camera stores the footage on cloud and can save the footage for up to 30 days. The camera is equipped with ten IR sensors which enable it to see clearly in dark. It also has a motion sensor and allows two-way communication. 

#9. Loge Circle

Loge Circle CCTV camera has a curvy body with the camera lens placed in the middle of it. An LED indicator sits at the top of the body. The camera can swivel forward and backward and captures 1080p images in both light and dark environments. It has an automatic night mode which turns on when the light goes off.

Hope you like the above-mentioned Techniques and understand all the things about CCTV Camera. Go through this link to get more information.


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