What’s hot: Top winter trends for fake eyelashes

Celebs adorn these daily and God forbid they’d be caught on a photo shoot without them. Yes – it’s those luscious long lashes.

But now fake eyelashes and lash extensions are a staple for most girls’ beauty regimes so here we share what’s hot for the winter season,going into 2019.

Coloured lashes

We’ve all seen black and brown eyelashes but what about ones tinted plum, blue, green or even ombre?

Coloured lashes are hot property this season.

winter trends for fake eyelashes

Ardell Colour Impact Lashes style Demi Wispies in ‘wine’ colour are great for making those blue or green eyes pop. A great change from the usual black or brown lashes, these falsies are guaranteed to enhance your natural eye colour. Plum shade is a great option for hazel eyes while brown peepers look fantastic with blue lashes.

Magnetic eye lashes

Yes, you heard right.

But, magnets on your eyes?

This is right up there with the falsies trends and will be with us way into 2019.

The creation has gone viral ever since Ardell launched its wispy lash with the ingenious attaching devices.

To apply the lashes, ditch the glue. All you need here is a steady hand.

You get two sets of eyelashes for each eye each with lockable ends so instead of applying glue on the lash line as usual,there are two strips each with tiny powerful magnets stuck in the centre. Just click them together over your natural lashes. Quick to use, simple to apply, look fabulous – what’s not to like?

And as for the staying power, they’re pretty impressive.

Glitter lashes

For party goers who like to be bold and beautiful, glitter is where it’s at!

These lashes can be worn on the top or bottom lashes but to ensure people don’t know where to look, go for both!

 Perfect for the Christmas do – or any party really – these lashes make you stand out from the crowd. You can of course, opt for lashes and add glitter to them yourself, providing it is make-up glitter suitable for being next to eyes.

If you’re not keen on the glitter lash look, you could always opt for some glittery eyeliner to exaggerate those dramatic long lashes.

Lower lashes

So, we’re all used to trying to get those eyelashes trimmed to length and perfectly balanced on the top lid with an adequate smothering of delightful black winged liner, right?

Well now a new trend is in town. Think Twiggy and you’re halfway there.

 There’s always been debate about whether you should apply mascara to your lower lashes, so to apply a set of falsies there instead is unspeakable!

Lower lashes are easily forgotten but enhancing their appearance can boost your look.

Pair lower (or under) lashes with your favourite falsies to add length and volume. These are available in both dramatic and subtle styles, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

Lightweight and comfy to wear, they’re a winner in our eyes!

winter trends for fake eyelashes

If you need to find out how to apply the latest lashes or just want to find the best falsies to accentuate your eye shape, visit FalseEyelashes.co.uk for more information.

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