Types of Malaysia Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitations are really important if you plan an elegant wedding. It is best to pay more attention and select your wedding invitation or wedding card wisely. Did you ever think of the fact that wedding invitation is the first thing which goes out related to your wedding? Before your guests visit your wedding they can get some idea by looking at wedding invitation. If the wedding card is really amazing your guests will have a feeling of joining with a really awesome wedding. So, pay more attention and select your wedding card wisely.

If you are looking for wedding cards from Malaysia, it is better to have some idea on the types of wedding invitations which you can select from Malaysia. Ah, before going further I have another question for you. Do you know the Malay word for wedding invitations? If you look for Malaysia wedding cards, then it is best to know the Malay word for wedding card. Actually kad kahwin is the Malay term for wedding invitation. So what are the types of wedding cards which you can find in Malaysia? Or simply put, what are the types of kad kahwin which you can select from Malaysia?

Here are some of the wedding invitation types.


Letterpress cards are truly beautiful and these will add a very artistic look for your invitation.


Stamped wedding cards are still beautiful and you can add royal look by using gold, silver or copper foil stamps. Simply use your favourite fonts to write the invitation and print the as you wish using a matching color.


Malaysia Wedding Invitation Cards
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Laser cut cards are really amazing. You can add truly unique and elegant touch for your wedding invitation when you decide to order laser cut wedding invitation design for your wedding.


Feather press wedding cards are affordable and it is a beautiful alternative for letterpress wedding cards. Feather press wedding cards look like letterpress printing but you can easily buy feather press wedding cards for affordable rates.

Above are the basic types of wedding invitations (kad kahwin )which you can find in Malaysia. Hope this post is helpful for you to select your Malaysia wedding card.

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