Top 7 Underrated Metal Options for Engagement Rings That Are Super Affordable

Underrated Metal Options for Engagement Rings

Overwhelmed by the expensive engagement rings popping up in celebrity updates every now and then? Don’t let that be a reason to not take your relationship to the next level. It’s important for couples to understand their spending budgets and plan accordingly. Online engagement rings in UK are seeing a steady move from the obvious to the edgy. In this post, we will take a quick look at the various underrated metal options you can explore for that perfect ring while keeping it affordable.


Cobalt is commonly alloyed with chromium and looks closer to white gold. It is a strong and light metal perfect for crafting engagement rings which are easy on the pocket. Cobalt is easily becoming one of the preferred metals for the new generation because of the simplicity it portrays.

Rose Gold

When silver, copper, and gold is mixed together, it’s called Rose gold. Though it is a mixture, Rose gold is made from pure gold. The amount of gold is indicated in the carat. For example, 18 carat Rose gold is 75% gold. Rose gold, because of its pinkish appearance goes well with diamonds and coloured gems. It makes for an amazing metal for an engagement ring while being easy on the budget.

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Silver has been the choice of metal for couples through the ages not only because how cheap it is, but also because of the classy rustic look it adds to any jewelry pieces. Silver stands strong as a metal of choice for engagement rings. A lot of couples also opt for simple bands without stones as well. Either way, silver is definitely a very underrated metal when it comes to engagement rings.


Much like silver, most couples don’t consider steel romantic enough to be part of their engagement ring. Used for making utensils and bridges, steel isn’t the first thought for an engagement ring. However, sterling silver has gained much popularity in the last couple of years as a durable and cost effective option for many couples.


Titanium rings are primarily crafted out of the same material as used to build aircrafts which is basically an alloy with small quantities of aluminium and vanadium. This makes them super strong but inexpensive and light. Titanium makes for a great base for precious stones and intricate cuts.


One of the hardest known materials to be used for crafting rings, Tungsten the material, is made from tungsten carbide which is a compound of tungsten and carbon. Cobalt is also added in small amounts to improve malleability. As a material, Tungsten doesn’t scratch at all, but it is prone to shattering in extreme circumstances, which is rare. Tungsten is a great ring option because it’s  lightweight, pocket-friendly, and stylish.


You cannot complete a list of unusual metals used for crafting rings without mentioning palladium. Much like titanium and cobalt, palladium is a beautiful white metal. A factor that makes this metal a great option for creating intricate designs is its malleability. Palladium is almost as malleable as gold and thus jewelers can make flowing designs and intricate patterns, which is impossible to do when working with titanium and cobalt. This hypoallergenic metal is also way more affordable than platinum and it doesn’t require replating.

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