9 Awesome yet Unique Art Styles That Will Make Your Home Complete

Art is very interesting, especially when incorporated into one’s home. Even in an art gallery, people are aware of the styles and piece that are challenging. In most cases, challenging pieces of art are the unique styles and the pieces people stare the longest. With excellent works of art, it is easy for anyone to appreciate the creativity that was put in creating them, and even in homes, art is a very important part of creating an outstanding interior. Therefore, when deciding to use works of art to decorate your home, you have an opportunity to select from a variety of styles. This will involve knowing more about art and how best to incorporate them as a show of creativity. Here are nine (9) awesome yet unique styles of art that will complete your home.

Unique Art Styles

1. Gold Spray Paint

If you’re looking to add some glamour to your home, but you don’t have enough money to spend, there is no better way of enhancing your home’s interior than using gold spray paint. A small coat of the paint can transformed accessories such as vases, frames, and tray from their insipid appearance to beautiful and attractive pieces. The use of gold spray paint is a creative way of adding beauty and transforming small accessories into pieces of artwork at an affordable rate. Additionally, gold is inherently luxurious. Adding touches of it in your home also creates a sense of luxury in a unique fashion.

2. Crown Molding

As an excellent form of art, crown molding fills the gap between the ceiling and walls of a home, this adding a finishing touch which brings out an elegant and traditional look. Similar to any other architectural art, crown molding is usually linked to upscale homes. Despite the association, this art technique can be implemented in any home and at an affordable rate. Nevertheless, you need to not forget that the highly decorative pieces of art are ideal for larger homes or rooms. Small rooms, on the other hand, can benefit from simple styles.

Unique Art Styles

3. Metal Prints

When enhancing the interior of your home, you should also consider the idea of a photo print on metal. This technique represents a new medium of art which preserves photos by infusing dyes directly into the metal sheets. The photos will then take on a magical luminescence, creating something out of the ordinary. The good thing about using metal prints is that they are waterproof so you don’t need to worry about your art piece being destroyed when it gets too humid.

4. Graffiti

Graffiti, generally painted in walls, is consistently becoming a popular art which can easily be implemented in public areas and even at home. This style of painting incorporated aspects such as detailed slogans, words, and colourful paintings. However, instead of using graffiti on walls, you can consider painting in canvas so you can easily hang your painting on the walls of your home.

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5. Wainscotting

Wainscotting is a creative form of art which involves the installation of wood panels on a wall’s bottom half. In the past, Wainscotting was utilized in creating additional insulation on a wall. Today, however, this technique is used for purposes of decoration.  Wainscotting consists of molding pieces which are placed together in rectangular or square shapes below the rail of the chair. The traditional wainscotting is usually costly to install, although there are DIY techniques that can help to achieve this in an inexpensive way. Arrange the chair rail pieces on a wall in rectangular or square patterns and install by use of finishing nails. To get a more sophisticated and artistic look, you can paint the molding a colour similar to the walls.

6. Styled Vignettes

Even the simplest of homes look most elegant when pieces of items are thoughtfully placed instead of being casually strewn. The areas you’ll want to focus on include sections of your home including coffee tables, bookshelves, mantels, as well as console tables. In a bookshelf, for instance, stack the books vertically and horizontally and layer in other accessories such as small floral displays and photo frames and create pleasant vignettes. These kinds of arrangements require creativity which is also art.

7. Large Scale Art

If you want to create a huge impact in your home, you should consider large-scale art. Large, abstract paintings which span the entire back section of your sofa or bed can easily grab attention and make your room attractive. In an over scale artwork scenario, large geometric and floral patterns usually look much attractive compared to pictorial scenes, but eventually, you will need to go with what looks and feels better in your home.

8. Nailhead Trim

Adding nailhead trim to your furniture is also a form of art which quickly gives your items a high-end look. In the past, the nailhead trim was only used for upholstery pieces, but recently, these have been utilized in a lot of different ways. Another way you can utilize the nailhead is to apply the trim to a furniture piece such as the side table or your chest of drawers. You can utilize any pattern you like depending on your creativity. The nailhead trim can also be applied around the doors, windows, and even runners.

9. A Rule of Threes

According to the rule of threes, things which usually come in three are more fulfilling, funnier and more effective as opposed to other number things. When it comes to art and decoration, this rule is definitely true. Anytime you are hanging multiple items or designing a display, you’ll realize that groupings of three feel right. However, it should be noted that decorations such as wall paintings are not limited to the number “three” only as the odd numbers can also be used. Therefore, if you are thinking about using multiple decorative items in your home, you can bump up the number nine, seven, or even five.


Enhancing the beauty of your home will highly depend on how creative you get. You can implement one or more of the techniques mentioned above to create a place that is conducive and attractive to be in.

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