5 Ways to Clear a Hangover You’ll Wish You Knew This Morning

They say the best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink alcohol, but in reality, a whopping 86.4 percent of Americans aged 18 and older have consumed alcohol in 2015. Surely some of those individuals have experienced a hangover as a result, even if they thought they took the extra precautions to avoid such.

Ways to Clear a Hangover

But what exactly causes a hangover? The main source of a hangover is directly due to the effects of ethanol, a diuretic. As some know, diuretics increase the production of urine, and in turn, deplete your body of the hydration it requires to thrive. These dehydration symptoms we experience after drinking are what we call a hangover.

When it comes to recovering from a hangover, you might have heard drinking plenty of fluids and getting lots of rest are key to ridding of its aggravating symptoms, whether it be nausea and vomiting or a splitting headache. However, doing those two things just don’t work quickly enough. That said, consider the following to clear a hangover faster.

1. Consume more carbs.

Just like they say to eat carbohydrates before or while drinking, it’s a good idea to consume carbs when experiencing a hangover. Starchy carbs like bread, rice, noodles, and saltine crackers can aid with fatigue, giving you energy after a long night of drinking.

Likewise, consuming carbs while you have a hangover can impede nausea, which 16 to 28.2 percent of those with a mild to moderate hangover experience, according to a study. Carbs are also great to consume to raise low blood sugar, which may be characterized by headaches and cold sweats.

2. Drink a hangover tonic.

After dealing with a hangover, there’s a good chance that you’ll wake up extra thirsty. Rather than just drinking water, consuming the hangover tonic found at www.parkershangovertonic.com, you’ll get not only a beverage that can aid with your pesky hangover but a tasty one too.

3. Replenish your potassium levels by eating a banana.

You’ve probably heard that you should consume a banana when dealing with a hangover but aren’t sure if it’s true. The good news is, bananas, which are rich in potassium, can absolutely help clear a hangover. As a diuretic, alcohol depletes electrolytes including potassium, making high-potassium foods vital to consume.

4. Take ginger.

According to Nutrition Facts, ginger can aid with nausea and migraines, which many may experience during a hangover. That said, consuming pickled ginger, ginger candy, or dried or fresh ginger in a dish may work wonders in eliminating these symptoms. Don’t like the taste of ginger? Take a ginger supplement instead!

5. Bathe in cold water.

Whether you woke up smelling like dried vomit or are still freshly bathed from the day before, taking a cold shower after waking up with a hangover can certainly help. But first, soak in a warm bath before hopping into a cold shower. This is known as hot-to-cold showering or hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy can decrease inflammation, give your immune system a boost, and eliminate toxins from your tissues. To ease a hangover quicker, switch the temperature of your shower every thirty seconds or so until you feel greater relief.


Dealing with a hangover can certainly be frustrating. While there’s no magic cure, it’s nice to know that there are ways to clear a hangover quicker, so you can go about your day as normal. Consuming carbs, taking ginger, drinking a hangover tonic, eating a banana, and bathing in cold water are all ways to ease the symptoms of a hangover.

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