4 Ways to Throw a Kids’ Party in New York City

New York City is the best place in the world for a lot of things, from pizza to financial companies. It’s the best place for live theater, has the most famous park in the country (if not the world), and is packed with celebrities, artists, actors, musicians, and the places that they perform and relax in. But New York City is not the best at absolutely everything. There are some things that it’s actually pretty lousy for. One of those: throwing a party for kids.

Ways to Throw a Kids’ Party in New York City

Throwing a party for children is never easy, but it’s tougher when you’re dealing with a tiny New York City apartment and the high cost of just about everything in the big city. But don’t panic just yet.

Rent the essentials

Ways to Throw a Kids’ Party in New York City

You live in a New York City apartment. You have no place to put a bunch of folding tables and chairs. You certainly don’t have room to store a ton of party games and party supplies. So what can you do? Simple: Don’t buy that stuff. Rent it instead.

Turn to some trusted party pros for tables and chairs rental NYC. You can rely on the same sorts of companies to rent everything from bouncy castles to dunk tanks. Have whatever you need delivered to wherever you’re hosting the party and then get that stuff out of here when the party is all wrapped up.

Go to the park

New York City is a crowded place. Our apartments are small, and most of us don’t have the space to throw a big party. But there are big open spaces in New York City, because our fine city has made huge investments in public parks.

Ways to Throw a Kids’ Party in New York City

Find the right park near you and plan to have your party there. You can combine this plan with the rent-your-party-supplies plan above so that you get enough tables and chairs for all of your guests. Setting up some tables is also a good way to establish your party’s share of the park real estate. If you’re worried about rain, grab a couple of tailgating tents or make a reservation at a local spot as a plan B. Just remember to cancel that reservation if you decide not to use it — it’s only polite, especially in a busy place like New York City.

Visit a New York City hotspot

If your apartment is too small to hold your kid’s friends, fear not. There are plenty of places in New York City that have lots of room. In addition to the park spaces, consider taking your party on the go. You could head to the movie theater or to a show on Broadway. You could even go to the ballpark or pay a visit to kid-friendly attractions like children’s museums.

There are lots of cool kid-friendly spots that make great birthday destinations. Plus, some of them will take some of the planning off of your hands.

Experience Adventure Birthday Party

Adventure Birthday Party

You heard it right, There is a place where you can enjoy your birthday parties with full of excitements and adventure fun. I’m talking about the Mountain Ridge Adventure Park in NY Schenectady where You’ll find different Birthday Party Packages with Zip Line Course and Tree top challenges. They are not limited with it, you must explore their New York Birthday Party plans. Moreover they strictly follow all safety guidelines to keep your adventure peaceful and safe. 

Go for an all-in-one package

New York City has a lot of unique attractions and institutions, but that doesn’t mean that it’s totally without suburban staples like Chuck E. Cheese’s. Don’t assume that you can’t find a laser tag place or a kid-friendly arcade that will offer you a simple all-in-one birthday party package because you almost certainly can.

The high New York City cost of living will make the prices a little unappealing, but paying other people to handle frustrating tasks is a very worthwhile investment. If you’re not the party planning type, this is one way to throw a kids’ party that you should consider.

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