What is a Loose Diamond?

If you plan buying diamond jewellery, then you should have some doubts regarding the terms used in this industry. Most of the people struggle of deciding on diamonds as loose diamonds or mounted on a jewellery. However, when you buy a loose diamond, you will get the opportunity to look at the diamond stone before it mounts on any piece of jewellery. Anyway, what is a loose diamond? Below you will find more details on loose diamonds and it will help you to make your purchasing decisions over loose diamonds and mounted diamonds.

What is a Loose Diamond

What is a Loose Diamond?

Usually, the end product of a Diamond is referred as a Loose Diamond. The rough diamond stone is cut and polished to make it looks good. Generally A loose diamond is ready to mount on a ring, earring or any jewellery. These Loose Diamonds will inspire you with its quality and appearance if you really like to own these precious stones.

For example, Diamond and Gold Warehouse, a Jewelry store locate at Dallas TX USA, sells beautiful loose diamonds. These precious stones will sure inspire you with its high quality and appearance

Advantage of Loose diamonds is that you can easily inspect the stone before making any decision. You will know its weight and size before mounting on a jewellery. Other than weight and size, other important factors to check in a diamond such as depth, dimensions, clarity and colour is easily visible on a loose diamond. This is why diamond appraisal companies only certify loose diamonds, not mounted diamonds.

What is a Loose Diamond

Why Loose Diamonds are better?

If you need to decide between loose diamonds and mounted diamonds, here are some reasons why you should go for loose diamonds. First, you will see the stone and its properties. If there are any defects on the diamond, you can easily find before buying.

Diamonds are expensive. Therefore you need to spend only on good quality stones when you purchase diamonds. Always check for the appraisal certificate before you make any purchasing decision with diamond jewellery or loose diamonds.

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