When to Grab the Best Deal: 8 Times of Year You’re Likely to Get Discounted Clothing Items

Everyone wants to know the secret to look good on a budget. Especially when it comes to purchasing quality clothing at a fraction of the price. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to save for months or even max out your credit card to get the best bang for your buck. In fact, some of the best retail deals are happening right before your eyes.

We all know about the “before Christmas deals” or popular Presidents Day sales. But, did you know that certain months put specific articles of clothing on sale? That’s right, you don’t have to wait for major holidays to snag a mean deal. To learn more, check out these eight tips that’ll help you flaunt on a budget in no time.

January is More Than Just the Month of Returns

Following Christmas and the chaos of New Years, January is known as the month of recovery. It’s also known as the time when people take back those not so flattering Christmas presents. Since January is rather lowkey, this mentality transcends into the workforce. Many jobs aren’t hiring towards the beginning of the year as they’re still working out budgets and new goals. Because of this, fewer individuals are going on interviews and hitting the pavement when it comes to looking for jobs. Therefore, business suits are at an all-time low. If you’re in the market for a new suit, wait until January to make your purchase.

When to Grab the Best Deal

Summer’s Great For…Winter Coats?

Did you know that all of the swimsuit ads you see are shot in the winter, and winter ads are shot in the summer? Seems a little wonky, right? However, those in the fashion industry have the unique gift of being able to see what’s ahead for the new season. Because of this, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a discounted jacket in the summer simply because everyone is so focused on swimsuits. The same goes for swim and beachwear. Shop for your staple items in the off-season that way you’re guaranteed to find whatever it is you’re looking for.Not sure what to shop?Keep an eye on latest trends of casual weekend outfits and buy when you find a great deal! Casual outfits are great for any season when you add few accessories and when you do simple changes to complete your outfit.

In the Season You’re In

To completely contradict the prior statement, you can also find awesome deals on seasonal clothing during the current season. Stores are trying to showcase their seasonal items, so they’ll offer awesome deals to push sales. Pay attention to when the months begin to change and you’ll find a solid starting point to start shopping. It’s also wise to purchase items right before the season ends. You’ll be able to get that item you’ve been eyeing for past few months at a fraction of the price.


Black Friday

Man, oh, man. The notorious Black Friday. Known for outright brawls and hurt feelings. Despite the negative and utterly anxiety-ridden connotations that come with Black Friday, it’s actually one of the best times to shop for clothing. Major retailers are trying to get rid of older products to make room for new inventory. Sure, those shoes may be old in fashion time. However, they’re new to you and calling your name! Take the risk and go in person to snag these deals. Or, avoid the lines and watch your phone like a hawk. To prevent madness, some retailers offer online Black Friday options to make it easier for the less-adventurous consumer to get good deals.


After Christmas sales are the best because retailers are desperately trying to get rid of old inventory. That beautiful pair of jeans you’ve had your eye on for a while will be marked down drastically to make room for another pair of stunning pants. That’s just the cycle of fashion at its finest. As mentioned, a lot of people are returning gifts that they didn’t want in exchange for cash. Retailers will automatically mark down returned items for a fraction of the price. Take advantage of this jolly time if you want the best clothing deals.

When a Store Releases a New Line

Popular stores like Target carry in-house brands that have a cult following. To kickstart the release of this line, they’ll usually run a promotion to get the customers attention. This is prime time shopping for those on a budget because you’re able to get new, quality items at a reasonable amount. This same mentality is also useful when seasons change. Fashion brands are constantly coming out with the latest and newest. Once their original season is done, they’ve already released product for the future. Because of this, that dress you loved from their launch collection is more likely to be marked down to make room for their new designs.

When to Grab the Best Deal

Semi-Annual Sales

Victoria’s Secret is known for their amazing semi-annual sale. Customers are able to fill their carts with favorite items at discounted prices. Look out for when companies showcase their semi-annual sale. This is usually towards the middle of the year; beginning in late spring and going into late August. This gives companies an opportunity to get rid of seasonal items and make room for new ones. Don’t worry if you can’t remember. They’ll typically run a ton of marketing campaigns and advertisements to keep you in the loop. There, you can get a completely new wardrobe without breaking the bank!

P.S. Some companies even offer special coupons all throughout the year. Learn more here.

After Prom or New Years Eve

It makes sense that after a major event, the clothing that didn’t sell would be marked down. If you’re looking for a beautiful gown or cocktail dress, purchase it after these key dates. This is also true for wedding dresses. While a majority of wedding boutiques don’t offer major sales after wedding season is when you might be able to snag a deal. Pay attention to the events going on around you locally as well. If you have a major tournament that gets national attention, shop for clothing after it’s done. You’re bound to find a boatload of deals.

Shopping for clothing is a fun experience. Especially when you add an element of challenge into the mix by shopping for deals. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to saving money and looking great.

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