An Extension of Your Beauty: Which Style of Glasses Suit the Shape of Your Face?

The shape of a person’s face plays a large role in which eyeglass frames they should select. To determine one’s face shape, start by pulling all of the hair back from the face. Peer into the mirror and determine which category the face shape falls into. If it is hard to tell, take some lipstick and trace around the face shape in the mirror, as this often helps to highlight the shape. Following are the seven main types and which type of eyeglass frame is best for each.

Style of Glasses Suit your face


Most consider the oval to be the ideal face shape, as the face is proportionally balanced. When choosing frames, select a pair that is as wide as the broadest section of the face or possibly wider. Quite a few opt for walnut-shaped frames but take care that they aren’t too narrow or deep. Check out the handcrafted acetate frames along with the many other styles available at retailers today.


A face that is the same in terms of its length and width and is full of curved lines is likely to round. There are no angles seen in this face shape and the goal of the eyeglass frames should be to add length to the face while minimizing the fullness. To achieve this, select narrow, angular frames or rectangular ones that are wider than they are deep. Frames with a clear bridge are another great choice.

Style of Glasses Suit your face


Divide the face into three. If the top third is wide and the bottom third is narrow, chances are you have a heart-shaped face. To minimize the width at the top, select frames that are wider near the bottom. In addition, consider rimless or thin, light-colored styles.


When the face is longer than its width and the cheek line is straight and long, you have an oblong face. To provide balance and make the face appear shorter, look for frames with more depth and less width. Consider frames that have contrasting temples or decorative styles to provide the face with more width also.

Inverted triangle

A narrow forehead and wide chin are hallmarks of an inverted triangular face. When choosing frames, look for those that add width to the top of the face, such as frames with detailing on the brow of the frame. Cat-eye frames are likewise good choices as are any frames that are heavily accented with color.


If you have a diamond-shaped face, you are in a very select group. This is the least common of the face shapes and is characterized by a narrow jaw and forehead offset by broad cheekbones. The cheekbones might be dramatic and high on this person.

To soften the cheekbones while emphasizing the eyes, look for frames with a distinctive brow line or detailing. Oval or cat-eye frames are a great option as are rimless frames.


Square faces are easily identified by their broad forehead and strong jawline. The length and width of a square face tend to be similarly proportioned. To add length to the face while softening the angles, choose narrow ovals, or frames with less depth and more width. Narrow frames are also a great option for those in this category.

Be aware the shape of the face is only one thing to consider when choosing frames. The individual’s skin tone also needs to be taken into account along with his or her personal style. Try a number of frames to find the pair you love and the one that best suits you for an accessory you love and will want to wear every day.

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