Why Hire a Maid in Singapore from a Maid Agency?

Why Hire a Maid in Singapore from a Maid Agency?

With the busy lifestyle of Singapore, hiring a maid is one of the best options to have someone to help in household choirs. However, selecting a suitable maid and completing the hiring process is a little bit tedious task. While you can easily hire a maid from a maid agency in Singapore, there are some people who still like hiring a maid directly. However, hiring a domestic helper directly carries some of the risks which you can avoid when you hire a maid from a maid agency. This is why I wanted to write this post to share why hiring a maid in Singapore from a Maid Agency is still the best option.

Benefits of having a maid in Singapore

Even if you hire a maid directly or if you use a maid agency in Singapore, having a maid at home is really helpful. Considering the really busy lifestyle in Singapore, you will find some relief from your household chores when you have a helping hand. Most importantly, you will have enough time to spend with your family. These days, children need more attention from their parents. If you do not find enough time to spend with them, it can end up with unacceptable results in future. Therefore, it is equally important to finding enough family bonding time for you. Having a maid is one of the ways you can save time for your family. Most parents complain about not having personal time. However, when there is someone to help you, you can easily find your ‘me time.

Due to such reasons, having a maid is essential and beneficial for Singapore lifestyle.

Benefits of Hiring Maids from a Maid Agency in Singapore

Now, we are back to our topic. Do you want to direct hire a maid or hire a maid from a Singapore maid agency?

If this is the first time you are going to hire a maid, then you must be confused with available options. You may have heard from your colleague about how they hired their maid. You may have even heard about the issues and conflicts they faced during the hiring process. Direct hiring sounds like a way to save money. However, there is no proper contracting procedure when you hire a maid directly without a maid agency involvement. In the end, you will have to spend more money and your precious time solving possible issues.

Why Hire a Maid in Singapore from a Maid Agency?

 When you hire a maid through a Singapore maid agency, you will get assistance in finding a suitable domestic helper, employing the maid by completing necessary documentation and dispute resolution.

 Finding a suitable domestic helper

A maid agency will go through rigorous selection criteria to choose the perfect maid that matches your family requirements. Therefore, instead of just hiring a maid directly, you can hire a maid that suits your family’s requirements. For example, if you want your maid to take care of your toddler, a maid who has experience with young children and toddlers will be a perfect match. You can easily select such a maid when you contact a maid agency in Singapore as they have a large database.

Most maid agencies provide training for their registered maids. Therefore you will ensure to hire well-trained and skilled maids compared to direct hire maids.

The recruitment process

A reputed Maid agency in Singapore will assist you with the recruitment process. There is a documentation process involved where you have to register your maid with relevant government agencies such as MOM. However, when you hire your maid through a maid agency, they will take care of all the required recruitment steps leaving no headache for you. In the end, you will ensure that you follow the necessary rules and regulations. This is one of the most valuable benefits of hiring a maid through an agency.

Dispute resolution

We cannot say that your maid will be the perfect match for your family as a domestic helper. There may have issues. This is the situation where you need a third party. If you have hired a maid directly, then you will not have any third party to solve the issues quickly. However, when you hire a maid through a Singapore maid agency, you will have a third party involvement. You can even send your maid back to the agency and look for another maid who can handle your family chores. This is a big relief for any employer who looks for hiring a maid in Singapore.

Finally, with our experience, we know that hiring a maid through a maid agency in Singapore is the best way to recruit a domestic helper.

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