With Cool Fanz Stay Cool When the Heat is on

How cool if we can carry a portable fan whenever we are away from home! A cute and colorful portable fan is even stylish to carry with. Now there is an innovative product in the market which you can keep your cool when the heat is on!

It is Cool Fanz!

What is Cool Fanz?

Cool Fanz is a Micro USB MINI Portable Cell Phone Fan. It also won the 2015 Innovation Award as the best new cell phone accessary. When you read further, you’ll understand why it is the best cell phone accessory. Here are some features of Cool Fanz.


Features of Cool Fanz

  • Compatible with any iPhone 5, 6 or Android, Smart phone or even with Notebook and ipad , Cool Fanz is an Energy Efficient fan which you can use anywhere.
  • Another feature of this fan is that you can still use your phone while the fan is working. You can still use the phone for calls, text messages or checking emails.
  • You can find Cool Fanz in few different cute jelly bean colors.
  • Motor revolutions is 16000 turn and can work continuously more than 96 hours


How to become an independent seller of Cool Fanz?

Cool Fanz is an innovative product which you can sell individually. As an independent seller, when you promote and sell Cool Fanz, you also help women who need assistance. From the profits of Cool Fanz sales, a percentage goes to Susan B Komen Clinic to support women who need assistance to pay for treatments.

To become an independent seller, check more details by visiting www.coolfanz.com

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