Zika Virus: A Guide For Women

These days’ news and reports around the world are with terrible stories of Zika virus infections and its effects. Although there is lots of news about Zika virus, have you found many awareness programs on how to prevent from it? Sadly, the answer is ‘No’.

Zika is a Virus which is spread through mosquito bites and sexual transmission. Usually this virus causes common symptoms such as fever, joint pain and fever, but you need to take care to prevent and protect from Zika virus as it is harmful in many different ways.

Zika virus cause harm for both adults and children. Although there are awareness, prevention programs available for both adults and children, there is no special mention or advice on preventing this virus from women. However, we cannot ignore the effects of Zika for women .For example, if a pregnant mother is infected with Zika virus; she can spread that to her baby. Sad thing is that Zika infection during pregnancy can be linked to birth defects of babies.
This is why women need to well aware of the effects of Zika virus and take preventive measures to stay away from its infection.

Zika Virus: A Guide For Women

Zika Virus: A Guide For Women is a book written by James Rutherford with intention of educating people, especially women to prevent infection and safeguard our future from spreading it. The book is a result of intense research and with complete guide of Zika virus which provides knowledge to keep safe from the virus.

You can easily buy this book from Amazon to know how to prevent it. Prevention is always better than cure!

Zika Virus: A Guide For Women,No Vaccine, Poor Testing, Little Protection – From Now On, Future Pregnancy is Dangerous and You Must Take Action

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