Concerns Over Advertisements that Make Dangerous Driving Look Cool

A report has highlighted concerns over the way in which some advertisements on TV depict dangerous driving. The adverts in questions are not just ones that aim to sell vehicles to awestruck viewers but also those that use vehicles to sell other products and services, ranging from auto related products like tires to vacations and more.

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Advertisements that Make Dangerous Driving Look Cool

People go online for all sorts of reasons these days, from using specialist tools such as the PeopleFinders search tool through to streaming content, including advertisements. According to some people, there are many ads that show motorists speeding along in their sporty cars, clearly going over the legal limit. Some show drivers cruising along at the edge of a steep drop or cliff while others show vehicles swerving in and out of traffic. While these types of ads are still very common in the United States, there are other countries where they have been banned in order to help reduce the risk of dangerous driving.

Setting a Bad Example to Younger Drivers

There are concerns that the ads that depict and glorify bad driving practices could be setting a bad example to motorists, particularly younger drivers who have not had much experience on the road. Many younger drivers are excited to finally be able to go out on the road alone, and some believe that seeing these advertisements could encourage them to start driving dangerously themselves in order to experience the thrill and try to look cool.

Figures show that in 2018, the auto industry in the United States spent around $34.5 billion on advertising, which reflected the largest purchaser of ads in the country. Advertisements often glorify dangerous driving in a bid to show what the capabilities of the vehicle are. It is a known fact that glorifying risks in the media or on computer games can lead to people taking more risks while actually driving a vehicle on the road.

Officials from places such as the Advertising Standards Agency believe that the auto industry needs to take steps to reduce or even ban ads that glorify this type of driving and make it look like a thrill worth trying for younger motorists. Other countries, including the UK, have banned certain car advertisements over recent years for this very reason. This included ads by car giants such as Nissan, Ford, and Chrysler among others. According to the Driving Standards Agency in the UK, some of these advertisements suggested that partaking in dangerous driving was a good way to release rage and stress, which resulted in both the motorist and other people being put at risk.

A Rising Problem

The issue relating to advertisements promoting dangerous driving is not a new one, as it has been raised a number of times over the past decade. While some countries have responded to this by introducing guidelines or placing bans on certain ads, the United States continues to see these ads air, exposing drivers of all ages to the images and of drivers taking part in a range of motoring activities that would be deemed dangerous or even illegal in real life. 

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