All You Need to Know About Donating Hair

Torrin Beneman, Vinny Desautels and Thomas Moore are some names that you should know about. These young boys grew their hair for years to donate them to children fighting cancer. You too can follow the examples that are set by these boys. Donating your hair is a small act of kindness with a big impact.

Donating Hair

Why Donate Hair?

Due to chemotherapy many cancer survivors and recovering patients lose their hair. The loss of hair is just another addition to the trauma that cancer patients have to fight. Many patients look for affordable lace front wigs online. While there are many websites where one can find affordable lace front wigs online, even the “affordable” options can be too expensive. There are some wig shops and organisations that take the donation of hair and provide free or affordable lace front wigs online for cancer patients and survivors. By donating hair, you will be reducing the financial burden of someone recovering from cancer.

Where to Donate?

There are many famous organisations, like Locks of Love, that take hair donations. You can easily find a list of charities that take hair donations. If you are unable to locate a hair donation charity near you, then you can contact your local cancer chapter and ask them for the process of donating your hair. Some organisations have regular hair donation drives that you can keep your eyes and ears open for.

What are the Requirements for Hair Donation?

There are a few basic requirements for hair donation, but different charities can have their own additional requirements as well. Basic requirements for hair donation are:

  • From base to tip hair must be 8-12 inches.
  • Hair should not be dyed.
  • Hair should not be permed.
  • Hair should not have more than a certain percentage of grey (the percentage depends on the charity)
  • The hair you send should not be mouldy or damp.

Check for other requirements before chopping your hair for charity.

How Do You Donate?

You do not need to go to the charity and expect a haircut there. You need to find a barber or hairdresser who is aware of how to cut hair for donation. If your hairdresser is not aware of how hair needs to be cut for hair donation, then you might end up with hair chopped in an undesirable way. Inform your hairdresser that you want to cut your hair to donate. Your hair needs to be either braided or in a ponytail. After your hair is cut, you can put it in an envelop and mail it to the charity of your choice.

How Long a Commitment Is It?

The length of your commitment depends on how fast your hair grows. Most charities clearly mention how long the length of your hair should be. So, you need to keep growing your hair until it reaches the desired length. If you wish to continue donating your hair, then you need to take good care of your hair as long as you wish to continue donating.

With a simple haircut, you can bring smiles to so many faces. Choose to donate your hair instead of having it thrown into the trash after a haircut.

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