Is Poetry Still Relevant

Is Poetry Still Relevant Today?

Is poetry still relevant? If you are someone who spends more time with your gadgets and in social media networking then you may think that poetry is an old art that is dying with the latest technology enhancements. However it is not. Poetry is not a dying art. Poetry is

Tips for Being More Mindful

4 Tips for Being More Mindful in 2019

Technology has brought so much to us at the touch of our fingertips, making this an era of instant gratification. It is easy to be mindless automatons who never have to be in our heads, never have to experience the imagination that comes with boredom, and find it difficult to

Inspiring Young Writers

All That You Need to Do to Inspire Young Writers

Many people find writing to be a great way to express themselves. It’s also been cited as being very therapeutic. That’s why it’s a great idea to encourage students to write when they’re young. Here are the best ways to do that. For many, a book in a box project

Inspirational Quotes

Why is it Easy to Motivate Us with Inspirational Quotes?

Life is full of happy and unhappy moments. But, no one look for unhappy moments in their life. Although unhappiness is unavoidable, with little support you can easily overcome such moments. This is where motivational quotes are helpful for you. Motivational quotes has the power of changing mood giving you

How to Choose the Best Car Service Centre

Donate your Car and Generate Jobs

If you are thinking of purchasing a new car, you need to chalk out a plan to get rid of your old car. Do not sell the car to a mechanic or do not let it occupy the empty space in your garage. Instead, you can put your car to

DreamMaker Attractorbox Review

How to Be Happy in Your Life

There are many moments that we struggle with our lives. But, it is important to have positive thoughts to spend the life purposefully and happily. There are many moments that create negative thoughts and feelings which can take you down. These negative thoughts will only do harm for you. To