With Clubbable App Find the Right People for your VIP Table!

You will wonder what is ‘The Mark Zuckerberg of Nightlife’. It is a unique VIP nightlife app launched by Magnus Ahlin through the platform Clubbable and soon became popular for table bookings. With this app you can choose the right people for the guest list.

Clubbable App

Now, with recent upgrades, VIP tables are not only for males. Women who love to book their VIP tables will find this as interesting. Women can book their VIP table group using this VIP nightlife app after looking at people in your city. You can easily request people to join your table that you like.

With Clubbable you can find VIP nightlife around the world. By joining a VIP table, you have the benefit of skipping the queue or arriving late. Even you can easily enter a party that is already happening!

Clubbable AppYou can use the “Join VIP Table” feature from the Clubbable app to invite or request joining right people to your VIP table. With its features, you will ensure that your table occupants are in right mix of ladies and gents. Finally, it is time to enjoy your time partying at the right place with right people!

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