Contemporary Figurative Artist who Confronts Viewers with their Most Inner Feelings

What does it mean to you when it is a portrait art? Do you just imagine a piece of art which people sitting on a bench and posing with the best look he or she has? It may be right for some portraits. But for a creative artist like Mertim Gokalp, a portrait is a great opportunity to show lot of emotions and he creates a story around his portraits. His portraits are brilliant examples of what an artist can do around a portrait which express feelings, emotions and even fantasies around the subjective relationship which an artist can create!

Sacrifice of the model by Mertim Gokalp

Mertim Gokalp is a Sydney based artist who has trained at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Academy, Istanbul. This Turkish origin artist has selected as finalist in top portrait exhibitions including the Archibald Prize; the Doug Moran Portrait Prize; and the Black Swan Art Prize.

Mama keeps me warm by Mertim Gokalp
Mama keeps me warm by Mertim Gokalp – The art piece Mama keeps me warm by Mertim Gokalp could make me melted in my heart. I was so emotional after looking at this touching piece of art which as per me shows the struggle between a mom and a baby.

He is also undertaking commission portrait and capable of expressing the emotions and hidden stories that another person wants to reveal through an art piece. With such talents and creative mind, Mertim Gokalp is now living in Australia and granted distinguished talent visa by the Australian Government which allows him to work and live in Australia.

A Telephone call from GOD

To see more art work pieces and figurative portraits which reveal emotional relationship of the artist with the subject, you can check his website




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