Dahlia -Beautiful Bulb Plants

Dahlia -Beautiful Bulb Plants
Dahlias are another flowers bloom from summer through fall. They also come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  The size of dahlia flowers can range from two to twelve inches. The height of the plants themselves can vary from just under a foot to more than seven feet for certain varieties.

Usually it is best to plant dahlias after the last frost of the spring. the roots should be set between four and six inches deep. If you plant Tall dahlia varieties, then they should be spaced four or five feet apart. For shorter ones the space can be from one to one and a half feet apart.
Dahlias prefer to have full sun, but in areas where the summers are very hot, you can provide partial shade as well.  It is important to follow a regular watering schedule during the bloom and growth cycles of the dahlia.

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