Double Roller Blinds : Everything You Should Know

Why do you use blinds? Privacy, light control, style, easy usability, easy maintenance, easy controls are just some of many good reasons that justify the craze of blinds. And you are not alone! Most of the style-conscious people, who care to make their interiors organized, stylish and fresh to look at, prefer blinds for all the good reasons. In fact, blinds do come with a lot of attractive features which makes them much preferred and also, a better alternative to conventional fabric curtains.

Double Roller Blinds: Everything You Should Know

But the question is if the blind that you are currently using is fulfilling all your requirements? Well, in some cases, there may be one or two features that are lacking. To ensure complete satisfaction, you can combine styles of two blinds in the form of double roller blinds.

What Are Double Roller Blinds? 

Double roller instantly suggests a mechanism involving two rollers. You know that blinds are operated by rollers and strings. And every blind consists of one roller. When you get a set of blinds combined together into one frame, and thereby, operated by two rollers to make the two blinds function as two parts of the same unit, then that makes a double roller blind.

The two fitted rollers contain two sheets of blinds. One sheet functions to give you total light block and total privacy. This sheet does not let light, air or view perforate. The second sheet of the double roller blinds works to give you air and light both while, cutting off the sun’s glare and it also gives you a view of the outer world while not exposing you and interiors of inside to the outside.

You can operate both the rollers of double roller blinds together, or you may operate only one as you wish. You may bring down one blind completely while let the other one hang partially. In this way, you can make your own adjustments to set up the right combination of natural light, airflow and privacy as you like. This can be adjusted any time of the day and gives you full control on achieving your privacy while not giving up on ventilation and light flow anytime. The ease of use, the free controls, easy maintenance and amazing designs of these double roller blinds, make them a must-have in your house where you need a total control on privacy, ventilation and light flow.

Double Roller Blinds: Everything You Should Know

The Benefits of Double Roller Blinds 

Double roller blinds come with the following benefits:

  • You can adjust the rollers anytime and open them fully or partially to allow or block light and control air and light flow.
  • One layer fully obstructs light and visibility thereby, ensuring total privacy when you pull it down.
  • Another layer obstructs from anybody seeing inside while, allowing you to see the outside view
  • The sun’s glare and harshness are cut off by the mesh design of the second layer.
  • Natural light coming inside through the layer gets filtered in a way that you get a soft yet nice light for total illumination.
  • You get a passage of fresh air through the mesh net design, yet strong winds are blocked from creating turmoil inside.
  • The first layer in the first roller is made of such a material that can be easily wiped clean of any moisture, grease or dirt.  This quality allows them to be installed even in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Both rollers sheets can be opened together or closed together or manipulated partially.
  • The roller sheet comes in various designs and you can even get them in great colors and styles to suit your interiors. It can be customized as per your choice as well.

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