DreamMaker Attractorbox Review – Is It Worth The Price?

What is missing from having more success in life? To earn more you need to learn more. Learning is a fundamental part of success.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach success in every area of your life is to learn the law of attraction. Get really clear about what you want and reach any goal that you wish to achieve.

DreamMaker Attractorbox Review

Indeed, Bob Proctor Coaching founder Bob Proctor is famous for turning peoples yearly incomes to their monthly incomes. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, it can be difficult to find the time to focus on your inner development for many people.

Now, new businesses are popping up to try and solve that problem. One such company is DreamMaker with a subscription service called Attractorbox, which says it has “engineered a new, fun and engaging way to apply micro-learning and get fast results in as little as 15 minutes a day.”

Attractorbox stakes its claim for success on its ability to structure the information garnered from books written by successful and influential law of attraction authors into easily readable tidbits, called Execution plans.

Among the benefits that Attractorbox’s site claims:

  • “We feature only the Most Powerful principles and lessons from handpicked Books that are Guaranteed to immediately improve your financial, dating, relationships, health, and social life”
  • “You’ll have access to a law of attraction planner, a goal achievement system for optimal and efficient achievement…”
  • “You’ll have access to exclusive video courses, audio lessons, Q&A games, workbooks, and cheat sheets that you can use in any combination to best suit your learning preferences…”

We wanted to look at how truthful these claims were to help determine just how useful Attractorbox is at helping people attract what they want more quickly.

DreamMaker Attractorbox Review

What Is Attractorbox?

Attractorbox was created by Petri Maatta. Maatta is a former CEO and a self-help guru who has launched more than 20 products/companies.

According to Maatta’s website, DreamMaker, Attractorbox is the only largest law of attraction execution plan club in the world. The company’s core philosophy exists around the idea that most people today don’t have the time necessary to read books or take courses that would help them the most.

In order to solve this issue, Attractorbox breaks down the information from the most popular professional development and law of attraction books on the market into digestible nuggets that can be consumed in a short amount of time and gives measurable results.

That ends up amounting to about an hour per execution plan, or about 15 minutes per day. The goal is to help members absorb the knowledge contained within the law of attraction books and spur the individual’s personal and professional growth.

There are many ways the company delivers this knowledge, whether through video lessons, law of attraction planner, cheat sheets, execution plans, and member discussions.

While full subscribers will have access to all Executions plans, the program is designed so that they go hand in hand with the goal achievement process.

Attractorbox achieves this by partnering with experts who know the information and have created an execution plan to help disseminate the knowledge contained within them.

Essentially, by watching or listening to the material, completing the execution plans, and putting in a little time and effort, you can achieve your goal without ever applying more than 15 minutes a day.

Of course, it’s also up to the individual user how much time they want to dedicate to each goal. While the education may be curated by Petri Maatta, and their team, the studying remains self-directed, allowing for users to proceed at their own pace, and concentrate on the areas of life they’re most interested in.

How It Works

The initial stage of an Attractorbox membership is a three-day trial, followed by a monthly online subscription.

The online subscription costs $7 per month and only includes the video workshops. If you want to receive the law of attraction for business lessons and nuggets you’ll need to pay an extra monthly cost of $97.

The company reportedly changes its prices often and creates different promotions at different times, meaning any visitor should do their research before confirming their order.

We have seen the normal price for membership listed as $49 per month.

What To Expect

If you scour the internet looking for feedback on Attractorbox’s offerings, you’ll find a wide range of opinions.

Many members embrace the benefits of the service, claiming to have manifested great things as a result of the AttractorBox’s contents, while other reviews were less favorable.

The company’s innovation is the shortcutting of using the law of attraction.

As Maatta explains, Attractorbox distills the general law of attraction rules into proprietary execution plans” so busy customers can “apply all the main concepts directly and get results faster.”

“Just like The Matrix,” Petri Maatta adds.”

Is It Worth It?

For those weary of scams, it’s important to note that Attractorbox is a legitimate venture that tends to rely on shady marketing practices to keep their clients.

The free trial is fairly minimal in what it offers, as well as the basic monthly service. And it’s not difficult to become a longterm subscriber and paying more with just a few accidental clicks.

Ultimately, with subscription services like this, it depends on the person signing up.

If you can’t afford $7 per month to spend on self-help law of attraction education, you’re probably not doing pretty well in your professional or personal life and should invest the money anyway.

Of course, there is always room for improvement and if someone can expand their knowledge and skills to achieve even greater success then the price tag is probably worth it.

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