End to End Encrypted Secure Cloud Storage by XXL Box

With latest technology advancement and features, we share our valuable information online. Document storage including images is one of the best ways to use online storage solutions in order to back up files and share with anyone around the world. This feature is specially helpful for businesses as anyone in the group can access the require data once shared. However, privacy is most important when we share important documents online.

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End to End Encrypted Secure Cloud Storage by XXL Box

End to End Encrypted Secure Cloud Storage by XXL Box

XXL Box provides solutions for your online storage requirements be it for backup of files or to share with others. With features of 100% privacy and secure you can use XXL Box as secure cloud storage to save your files.

It is easy to share documents with others as anyone in your loop can access the files from anywhere in the world once you share the link with them.

Features of XXL secure cloud storage

  • It is Secure and files are encrypted. As encrypted cloud storage, no one can access the data stored than the user.
  • Synchronize any folder as you want. No limitation on folders.
  • Zero Knowledge privacy which the server doesn’t know the content of the data. Therefore, no risks from hackers or internal threats.
  • You can also use XXL Box  to backup mobile phones (Android and iOS)

Visit https://xxlcloud.com/en to read more information.It is really useful to protect and backup your data. When you create your account, use the below coupon code to get 15GB storage free.

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