Franklin Eugene Citrus Collection at Milan Fashion Week

Franklin Eugene Spring/Summer 2020 collection was introduced on June 17 in Milan, Italy and received attention of fashionistas in the first look!

Franklin Eugene Citrus Collection
Franklin Eugene Fashion Designs CITRUS

Designer Franklin Eugene’s latest fashion collection received most attention at the first look from the participants and fashionistas due to uniqueness of the items showcased. Stitched with best comfortable materials including cotton and wool, Franklin Eugene’s fashion collection is citrus inspired which include best colours and themes for summer wear. His fashion collection included a range of designs which are inspired by citrus which best suits for summer. This lightweight fashionable clothing collection is suitable for sunny activities which are taking place during the summer. Be it sand and beach play, surfing or any summer activities, you will find suitable fashion wear from this latest Citrus collection which could attract both fashionistas and journalists at the recent fashion show.

Franklin Eugene Citrus

This Citrus inspired summer menswear collection features Mr.Eugine’s signature style. What is it? His signature style include strong cuts, clean lines and finishes that you can’t deny. The neat finishes can make any guy who loves to wear fashionable items look handsome. With that in mind, Eugene’s latest fashion collection was released few days ago in Milan, Italy which was a great debut!

With this latest fashion introduction, Franklin Eugene proved that menswear can be fashionable while maintaining the quality of garments. The items in his Citrus collection are sophisticated and designed for men who love modern styles.

Speaking of his latest Citrus menswear collection, Mr. Eugene noted “Like the elements of citrus that inspired the collection, these clothes are light, fresh, and vivacious.   This is fun fashion.”

It is absolutely right. These clothing showcased in the Milan Fashion show are fresh and attractive same as a Citrus can do.

Reactions to his new collection from the fashionistas are strong! The FRANKLIN EUGENE TRENCH SHIRT, a range of shirt designs which is inspired by the trench coat has already got fan attention and become fan favourite after the show.

Franklin Eugene Citrus

About Franklin Eugene-

Franklin Eugene International LLC is a aspirational lifestyle platform and a global design company which inspire men with comfortable fashionable and thematic fashion wear. Their fashionable collections include men’s luxury and fashionable clothing including accessories. Don’t ignore the women collection they offer. From ready to wear luxury high street clothing to accessories, Franklin Eugene International LLC led the world of fashion with their inspirational designs. In 2018, Franklin Eugene International LLC has received the Best Luxury Fashion Designer 2018 Award from the ceremony sponsored by LuxLife Magazine.

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Franklin Eugene

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