How to Keep Your Best Friend After Graduation

Graduation is really exciting. It is the final result of spending few years for full time education. You have many opportunities to deal with the world after your graduation. Among all these exciting opportunities, it is also time to say good bye to your college friends. If you have a best friend, may be you want to keep in touch with him or her. But, in most cases such friendships fade away with the busy nature of your life after graduation. However you cannot forget or ignore the value of a best friend. Friendship is valuable and it is time to think of how to keep your contacts with your best friend even after the graduation.

How to Keep Your Best Friend After Graduation

Here are some of the ways that you can keep friendship with your best friend.

Connect in social media

Those are the days that close friends keep their connections through letters. However with social media availability, it is easy to connect with your friends from anywhere in the world. You will receive updates of your best friend without much effort when you both are connected through social media such as Facebook. Therefore don’t ignore the power of social media in order to keep contact with your friend after the graduation.

Don’t forget to call

Although social media is an easy way to keep updated about your friend, don’t keep your friendship just for a comment on social media updates. Instead, make sure that you still value the relationship. Give him or her a call and keep in touch beyond the social media.

Never ignore the birthdays

How to Keep Your Best Friend After Graduation

Never ignore your best friend’s birthday even after your graduation. Don’t limit your celebrations for sending a SMS or wishing him or her through social media. Birthdays are great for reunion. Don’t forget to get your best friend a good birthday gift in order to make it a special moment. Try to meet him or her for a small celebration. If you both are unable to meet due to living in different countries or due to other commitments, simply deliver the birthday gift to surprise him or her. In either way, don’t forget to show your friend that still you admire the friendship among you both.

Meet when possible

How to Keep Your Best Friend After Graduation

Don’t think of keeping a strong friendship and relationship by just calling and sending a gift for his or her birthday. Think of meeting occasionally whenever possible. New Year, birthdays and other events are great for reunion and celebrations. Anyway, don’t wait till any celebration day reach. Try to meet for a quick chat or even for a quick dinner to keep both of your connection for long time.

Above are some of the tips that help you to keep your friendship. Don’t ignore the value of a best friendship. Therefore work for keeping your relationship with your best friend for years.

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