How to Keep Your Toddler Busy at Home

Toddler age is another milestone of growth of any baby which is full of excitements. Babies start exploring the world, learning new activities and even they start showing their emotional levels. Toddler age is also combined with the terrible two which they start showing tantrums. This is why parent need to keep them busy in order to help toddlers to learn new skills and to develop their emotional levels. Below are some of the activities I tried with my kid during his toddler stage to keep him busy and to stimulate him constantly.

Surround them with Building blocks

how to keep your toddler busy at home

Building blocks are one of the best educational toys for the toddlers in order to keep them busy and to improve their skills. Building blocks not only keep the toddlers busy but those will improve motor skills which is essential for the development. You can buy different types of building blocks including wooden blocks. When you introduce different colour blocks to your toddlers, he will even learn the colours easily. Better motor skills, mental stimulation, creativity skills are some of the benefits of introducing building blocks for toddlers. This is why playing with building blocks are considered as a Best Learning Activity for Toddlers while keeping them busy.

Keep them busy with a busy box

how to keep your toddler busy at home

Busy box is one of the best activities I tried with my kid. Making a busy box is really easy. I always made busy boxes with themes such as noise, colours and even themes such as farm animals.

How to make a busy box for toddlers? It is really simple. You only want a box and some items to keep inside the box. Then add things to this box that can increase your toddler’s curiosity. He or she will explore the things for hours which can be precious for you. With my ‘Noise’ themed busy box, I included items such as metal spoons, wooden toys and other different objects which the toddler could explore sounds. Be creative and make busy boxes to keep the toddler busy and excited.

Introduce Colouring books

how to keep your toddler busy at home

Colouring books are another favourite activity at our home because it is a great way to keep the kid quiet while busy in colouring. It is great to introduce colouring books and colours from toddler age in order to improve their concentration. Same time toddler will learn the skills such as creativity. You will have some peaceful time too while your toddler is quiet and busy with colouring activities.

Above are some of the best ways to keep your toddler busy. Do you know other activities to keep toddlers busy? Please share as comments.



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