3 Ideas for Hosting a Winter Party

Have you decided to throw a party for winter, but aren’t sure how to tackle the season with a great party theme? Winter parties can be a lot of work to brainstorm and execute, but they can also be a lot of fun. Plus, because winter is a less popular time for venues to book events, you can often get some great deals on spaces as long as you avoid peak holidays during the season. Whether you’re looking to host your company’s holiday party or are interested in creating a birthday party that matches the weather, here are three great ideas for hosting a winter party.

Ideas for Hosting a Winter Party

Go monochromatic and throw a “white out” party

One way to tie your party in with the snowy weather is to choose a monochromatic palette for your entire event. Throwing a “white out” or “blizzard” party is a fun and simple way to inject your party with a theme that everyone will enjoy. Tell your guests to wear all white, and make sure that your decorations match the theme, too. White table cloths are easy to come by, as are white dishes, napkins, chairs, and seat covers. You can keep the theme going with a white rose centerpiece, white tulle streamers, and even some white pillars or columns. When it comes to the catering, make sure you keep things white or neutral, to avoid staining anything or anyone. Consider some of the following drinks and dishes for a delicious meal that’s also on-theme:

  • Seafood (crab, whitefish, and shrimp)
  • Poultry (white-meat chicken or turkey)
  • Pasta (fettuccine Alfredo, angel hair in a garlic cream sauce)
  • Side dishes (cauliflower, mashed potatoes, bread and butter)
  • Clear cocktails and spirits (white wines, vodka and gin martinis)

Take inspiration from rustic ski chalets

Ideas for Hosting a Winter Party

Another way you can bring the season into your party’s theme is to incorporate the elements of a traditional ski chalet. For inspiration, peruse any number of luxury European ski lodges for elements to tie in to your design. For decor, consider incorporating cozy faux furs and beautiful hardwoods. You can even go the extra mile and decorate your venue’s walls with skiing equipment, like poles and skis. You can also use flannel patterns as a jumping-off point for your event’s linens, and add taxidermic animals for decor, too. For a centerpiece on your tables, create a bouquet of coniferous evergreens — you can even add some fake snow to the bottom of the vase. If possible, complete the venue’s look with a working fireplace. As far as food to serve, keep things warm with any of the following:

  • Meats (roast beef, steaks, pork chops)
  • Drinks you can warm up with (spiced cider, spiked hot chocolate and coffee)
  • Hearty sides (roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy, or baked potatoes)
  • Seasonal soups (butternut squash, vegetable stew)

Transform your venue into an ice palace

Ideas for Hosting a Winter Party

Turning your venue into an ice palace is another great way to design a memorable winter party. If you use light blues, silvers, and whites in your textiles and event lighting, you can easily create an icy yet elegant feeling at your event. By decorating the tables with various glasswork, you can continue the theme of ice through your place settings. Depending on your budget, you may also want to consider getting an ice sculpture or two, which will wow your guests and serve as a great photo opportunity for everyone attending. When it comes to what food you serve, consider different ways to continue the theme of an icy palace with these cold dishes:

  • Cold entrees (sushi, chicken or tuna salad, or beef carpaccio)
  • Cold soups (watermelon gazpacho, chilled corn soup)
  • Seasonal salads (you can incorporate pomegranate or kale to these)
  • Icy cocktails (daiquiris, pina coladas, or margaritas)

Whether you’re planning a corporate event or something more personal, a good theme can turn your party from good to great. While it may seem hard to come up with a theme that ties in with cold weather, any of the above winter party ideas are sure to be hot!

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