All That You Need to Do to Inspire Young Writers

Many people find writing to be a great way to express themselves. It’s also been cited as being very therapeutic. That’s why it’s a great idea to encourage students to write when they’re young. Here are the best ways to do that.

Inspiring Young Writers

For many, a book in a box project is an excellent way to encourage both reading and writing. While few people give credence to writing as an excellent educational and motivational tool, studies have shown that writing is a great life tool. For one, writing is therapeutic, allowing students to jot down feelings that they cannot express verbally. It can also provide life-long benefits when it comes to working. Here are the best ways to inspire students to write and publish their book with a storybook creator online.

Do exercises

The best way to learn as well as develop a passion for something is to go and do it. As such, one of the best ways to inspire students to write is to get them doing writing exercises. One effective way to do that is to ask them to write about how their day went. When they say that there’s “nothing to write about,” ask them to describe one task or place they’ve been to in detail. This encourages them to think about details and trains them to be more descriptive.

Tickle the imagination

Great writing comes from a strong imagination. Decorate your classroom with posters and visuals of things that your students love and enjoy. Is it astronauts? Dinosaurs or even animals? Post many lively and bright images to get them thinking. Pepper your classroom with a huge collection of books, from fiction to non-fiction. Give them time to read. Nothing can be more motivating and inspiring than seeing and reading how other authors have done the work before.

Encourage them to join contests

Inspiring Young Writers

For younger people, writing contests shouldn’t be just about winning—the greater focus has to be on just the writing. There’s something very motivating about the time pressure offered by a contest’s deadline. Don’t put too much pressure on them, though. Instead, focus on challenging them to write better and do something better. If they win, make sure to celebrate that win and focus especially on the winning piece. If they don’t, say the good things about their writing and don’t criticize—challenge them to be better.

Publish them

A great thing about the Internet is that you can find services for anything you need to be done. When it comes to your student writers, you can find service providers that offer you a chance to publish your student’s work. This gives them an opportunity to see their writing a book and allows them to feel that success is attainable in their writing. Make them part of the creative process by asking them to write a blurb for themselves, a summary for the back, and even cover designs. As they write their first book, help them with editing and reviewing their piece and make them feel they’re making progress.

When students learn to love writing, they develop a life-long passion that allows for self-expression as well as therapy. Writing is a great outlet for people who can’t express their thoughts and feelings verbally. That last bit is an especially effective means of motivation as it provides a tangible reward for their work.

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