Jordan – The Emerging Young Entrepreneur

Hearing of young entrepreneurs always makes me inspire about entrepreneurship. Instead of saying wannabe entrepreneur, they take the risks and challenges at their young age! Not all can face to such challenges of being an entrepreneur. It is a talent and anyone need hardworking skills too!

Jordan is such another young entrepreneur who is just 17 years old. At his age 17, he manages his online jewelries and accessories business successfully showing how talented he is.

Jordan is a 17 years entrepreneur from Lansing, Michigan.He shows his talents and capabilities with music and fashion industries which make him an entrepreneur. As a hard working guy he could achieve his success as a young entrepreneur while spending time to manage several artists’ social media accounts together with multiple large social media accounts.For his age,these things and achievements are really good and that is why he recieves such attention even from our admin team.

As he is also successful in creating his own luxury jewelry and accessories brand online,admin team of My Simple Lifestyle decided to feature him on our blog.

You will be surprised if you see the elegant collection of luxury jewelries and accessories collection shared at,which is Jordan’s online jewelry shop. Check it out! The collection is full of gorgeous jewelries including bracelets, necklaces and also accessories such as watches and even phone cases.



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