How to Keep Kids Safe from the Sun at the Beach

Are you planning to have fun under the sun? In summer, long beach days bring so much fun. However, sun can burn you and your children as well. In such case, how do you protect yourself and children from the sun? Here are some of the best tips. If you were looking for how to keep kids safe from the sun at the beach, then these tips will help you.

How to Keep Kids Safe from the Sun at the Beach

Apply sunscreen  

Sunscreens are so much popular as a way of protecting the skin from the sun. However not all sunscreens do the job. You need to find a quality sunscreen with correct SPF value which is suitable for protecting the skin from the sun. And be sure that your sunscreen is suitable for kids. Usually SPF value 30 or greater is most suitable for protecting the skin. It is also important to apply your sunscreen in large quantities or as mentioned in the packaging to get better results. Be sure to cover the skin exposed to the sun.

Use clothing as sun protection

Clothing is one of the best options for Sun protection. Clothing acts as a barrier and protects the skin from the hot sun. However you need to choose suitable clothing for kids which can actually protect them from the sun. For this purpose, you have to check the clothing material and its protection capacity against UV rays.

Stay Hydrated

While you can use sunscreen and sun protective clothing to prevent your kids from hot sun, it is also important to stay hydrated. Allow your children to drink water or electrolyte-filled beverages to stay hydrated under the sun. Fruits such as watermelon are suitable to keep the kids refreshed and hydrated during the day. You can eat such fruits as a snack while enjoying the day at the beach.

Protect your eyes too

By wearing sunglasses you can protect your eyes and also the skin around the eyes. You can also use goggles during water activities such as swimming. Be sure to choose sunglasses which blocks harmful UV rays and suitable for children.

 Above are some of the best ways to protect kids from hot sun at the beach. Be sure to prepare with all necessary items before you go on a beach day!