Making a Statement With Your Style

Stylish people always seem to look good, but they don’t always stand out. Sometimes, mens fashion is about making your look seem effortless — like you just grabbed the first clothes you found in your closet and just so happened to look flawless.

Making a Statement With Your Style

At other times, fashion is about just the opposite. Great style is about making a statement that nobody can miss. It’s about standing out from the crowd, or even about standing up for something. It’s about being unmistakably stylish and unmistakably you.

A statement style move is a risky thing to go for, but it’s not something that only fashion models and movie stars can do. You, too, can make a statement with your style. Doing so just requires a little fashion know-how and the right statement piece. Here are a few ways to pull off the style statement.

The statement accessory

Making a Statement With Your Style

You can put the “statement” part of your style almost anywhere. You could turn everything from your shirt to your shoes into a bold move. But the most common sort of statement piece is the jewelry statement, which can transform virtually any outfit into a style power move.

To understand the move, think about the athletes, rock stars, and rappers that you’ve seen pull it off. Think about the boxing necklace or piece of custom jewelry that you saw rocked on stage or in the ring. Statement pieces are big, chunky, glitzy, and bold. They stand out and, often, stand alone. A single, serious necklace worn on a bare chest or over the top of a simple shirt is going to catch people’s attention and make a serious statement.

The statement shoes

Few accessories have developed as devoted and as modern a cult following as the simple sneaker. Basketball shoes and other athletic footwear, as well as their fashion cousins, have become some of the most coveted accessories in the fashion world. So if you want to make a bold statement with an accessory, looking down is a great place to start.

Your statement shoes can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. More important, is the attention-grabbing look that you’re going for. You can pay a lot of money to be subtle, but the goal here is to make a statement. That means loud colors and big, chunky sneakers. It means fashion-forward, cutting-edge stuff.

Maybe it means rock-star boots or colorful dress shoes with a dandyish flair but, whatever it means, it means you want shoes that stand out and define your entire look.

The daring monochrome move

Making a Statement With Your Style

The simplest way to make a fashion statement is to use a statement piece — that one piece of jewelry or that one pair of shoes that absolutely defines your daring look. But this isn’t your only way to be daring in fashion.

You can also adopt an entire look that is daring in and of itself. Well versed stylists can pull this off by breaking fashion rules in ways that look smart. Pairing colors that shouldn’t match (but somehow do), dressing fancy stuff down or beat-up stuff up, and so on. Doing that kind of stuff can be tough, but it is possible. There’s one such move that is comparatively easy to pull off: monochrome.

The monochrome look can be risky, but it pays off big when it works. Just be mindful of the different tones you choose.  For example, it’s better to avoid the preppy look when getting the most out of an all-white vibe. You can also try using different shades and hues of the same color, as well as different textures, to make your monochrome look a bit more interesting.

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