Muscari Armeniacum – Beautiful Bulb Flowers

Muscari Armeniacum - Beautiful Bulb Flowers


Bulbs are among the most popular flowering plants for the garden.  They are popular among flower lovers for their beauty, their hardiness and their variety. 
Among the different types and varieties of bulb plants, Muscari Armeniacum or grape hyacinth takes a great place.
The muscari, or grape hyacinth, is one of the most popular of all bulb varieties.The grape hyacinth features narrow, grassy leaves. The leaves appear in the fall and can survive through the cold and snow of winter. The leaves of the grape hyacinth are small, urn shaped and blue in color.
They easily grow on attractive eight inch tall spikes. The flowers on the grape hyacinth usually bloom in the spring of the year. These bulbs should be planted in the fall in order to bloom the spring. 


For the best results,the bulbs of the grape hyacinth should be planted two inches deep and three inches apart.  The grape hyacinth prefers full sun or light shade, and it benefits from regular watering during its growth and bloom cycles.

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