Non-White Bridal Gown Colors and Their Meanings

White may not be the ideal color for every bride. Some brides prefer other shades because they look and feel better in them, or because white dresses are more prone to stains and need a heavier wedding gown cleaning.

Non-White Bridal Gown

Whatever your reason is for choosing other colors aside from the traditional white, it is important to learn about their meanings first, and here are some of them.


Red is widely accepted as the color of romance, so it would make sense to be united with the love of your life wearing red. Red symbolizes a lot of positive things, including love, strength, energy, commitment, excitement, and passion. It is also a popular wedding color across many different cultures. In many Asian cultures, red is the color for good luck, prosperity, joy, longevity, celebration, and happiness.


Many of us associate blue with water and the ocean, and could signify calm and peace. Just like water, blue can also be symbolic of life-giving and purity. Sometimes, it is also used to represent security, stability and lifelong loyalty.

Different shades of blue may mean different things, as well. Lighter shades, for instance can be linked with softness, good health, and spirituality. On the other hand, dark blue tends to have meanings that are more stern, like knowledge, integrity and power.

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A very fitting color for the “blushing bride”, pink has similar associations as white, as a wedding dress color. It can express femininity, freshness, innocence, love, purity, good life, good health, and a child-like personality. Depending on the style of the dress and the shade of pink, it can also be worn to display a playful and more flirtatious personality.


Historically, purple has been associated with power, royalty, nobility, and wealth. It can also be linked with mystery, magic, spirituality, and strength.

Purple has different meanings across different religions, as well. In Japanese history, only the Buddhist monks of the highest rank were allowed to wear purple robes. In Catholics, purple is associated with faith, piety and penitence, too.


Green is usually associated with balance, nature, and harmony. A bride who wears green can give off an essence of refinement, inventiveness, and flexibility. Different shades of green can have different meanings, too. Olive green, for one, can be seen as the color of peace, whereas a more vibrant green may represent loyalty and compassion.


Non-White Bridal Gown

Gold could give the bride an extravagant look. It easily denotes opulence, luxury, and grandeur. But, aside from the richness that gold exudes, this color can also mean wisdom and happiness. Gold blends well with many colors, too.


As the commonly-perceived polar opposite of white, black might be looked upon as an odd choice for a wedding gown color. However, it can hold very profound meanings for brides once you get past its grim associations. Black could symbolize power, elegance, depth, wealth, sensuality, formality, mystery, prestige, and sophistication. Also, black would make for a very impactful bridal color.

By walking the aisle in a colored gown, you are not only trying out unconventional things, but also expressing your feelings and personality. Meaningfully stepping away from tradition is a great way to make your wedding day a lot more special.

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