Real Fur Coats: The Different Types of Mink Coats

A real fur coat is rightly described as timeless as it never goes out of fashion or style. Whether it was handed down to you by your family or you bought it yourself, a fur coat can add glitz and style to your plain look while keeping you warm and comfortable in cold temperatures. When it comes to a real fur coat, minks seem to be the favorite of most people especially if you are buying it for the first time. You must have enough knowledge about good-quality mink fur to avoid getting duped as the markets are flooded with cheap quality ones as well. What are the different types of mink coats available?

The Different Types of Mink Coats

Ranched mink and wild mink

The fur of a ranched mink comes in a wide range of shades, which are mostly dyed, and they appear shiny and glossy. The fur is short-napped and lasts much longer. The wild mink fur has a naturally dark shade and is also known for its durability. Considering this animal is made for extremely cold temperatures the coat made of mink fur will keep you warm and protected during the harsh winters.

Male mink

Male minks are larger than the female minks and the fur is much more durable. Compared to the female minks only fewer skins of the male minks are required to make a fur coat but the pelt is not as soft as that of a female mink. The experts at Furs by Gartenhaus, make coats from male minks that appear much sharper, and less shiny and soft and are firmly tailored.

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Storing Your Fur Coat

Female mink

Female minks are much smaller in size compared to the male minks and require many more skins to make a fur coat. The coats are much soft, shiny and lighter than the fur coats made from the pelts of male minks. These coats keep you warm and comfortable just like a male mink fur coat, but they are much more delicate. The garments have to be tailored carefully and given proper care to the last longer.

Mutation mink coat

Colour mutation of a particular shade can be seen on certain mink skins. The coats made from these skins are quite striking and they are rare. The price of these furs could cost you a fortune depending on how rare the color is. Some of the colors seen in mutation mink coats include mahogany, grey and white and the price could vary depending on how popular each color is. Make sure that the guard hair is soft and silky.

Pieced mink coat

Small amounts of mink fur that do not have a high preference are used to make a pieced mink coats. Fur from both female and male minks is used in making this coat. This coat is usually made from paw, neck or tail fur. There should be uniformity in pattern and texture and are much less expensive compared to the coats made from full pelts.

A symbol of fashion and luxury, a mink coat is highly durable and it can last for generations with the right amount of care and proper storage.

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