Signs that You Need a New Roof

Home maintenance involves a long list of checks and one of them includes what is above your head. The roof is the most important protective structure of your home. It prevents the internal framework from getting rotten with moisture and acts as an insulator too. So if your roof is not being taken care of, your entire home will eventually suffer from damage.

Signs that You Need a New Roof

There are maintenance routines and small fixes that can take care of the minor stuff. However, with the passing of years – small damages accumulate and it is time to get a new roof. The best way to evaluate the situation is by getting the experts from to come home and look at your roof. At the same time, as a home or building owner, you should know the basic signs that indicate your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Roof Age

How old is your roof? The average roof would be good for an average of 20 years but there are different factors involved. It can depend on where you live. If the weather is more humid for most of the year and you experience a lot of rain, your roof will wear out quicker. If your region is prone to major storms or heavy snow, you might want to recalculate the roof life. Other factors that dictate roof lifespan include the ventilation and the number of shingle layers.

Moss Growth

If you are starting to notice some moss growth on your roof,it indicates that the upper layers are slowly getting damaged. As pretty and harmless as it may look, moss traps moisture and this corrodes the protective surface of the shingles. Similarly look for mold growth in your attic along with any signs that light is coming through.

Signs that You Need a New Roof

Observe Your Shingles

The shingles are the units that make up your roof’s surface and you need to observe them carefully. They are made from a variety of material – from wood to stone and asphalt. Most shingles come with a protective coating of granules that resists water and UV rays. These granules can fall off after a period of time and if this happens extensively, your bald shingles will not be offering too much protection anymore.

Check if your shingles are loose. Limited damage means you can just replace a few shingles but once it has spread over a large surface area, an overhaul is the recommended resolution.

Are You Eligible For 100% Financing?

There are ways in which you can reduce the cost impact of getting a new roof. Initiated by the US government, HERO or Home Energy Renovation Opportunity is a program that allows you to get 100 percent financing for energy-saving home upgrades which includes a new roof. It is not based on a credit score and you can stretch the terms from 5 to 25 years.

Getting a new roof will give your home a new lease of life.It promotes a healthier environment indoors. You will have to contend with fewer expenses in the long run. If you are planning to sell your property, anew roof will add more value to your home.

Taking these things into consideration, getting a new roof is a very wise move. Reach out to your local roofing experts and get an evaluation done.

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