Young at 40

Looking Naturally Young at 40

They say life starts at 40. But for a lot of women, this is the age when they can feel their bodies and mind changing. White hair starts to show, wrinkles in the face are becoming more visible, and ache here and there are felt more than before. However, instead

Importance of Old Age Homes

Tips on Looking After your Elderly Parents

Life is busy and there are endless things to do but there is never enough time. Considering the busy lifestyles we lead, it has become almost impossible to look after our aging parents. From weekdays to weekends and from months to year, time flies by while we run behind our

How To Prepare Your Parents for Seniorhood

How To Prepare Your Parents for Seniorhood

In any family, there is an individual who is assigned the role of a carer. This means that as every other family members settle with their own lives, the carer is left with the responsibility of looking after their ageing parents. Now, if you are given this role, you probably