The Career Nudge is Live on Indiegogo!

Getting a job is sometimes not easy. It can be quite a task in today’s economy. Specially when you want to find the career which you have much potential, there are situations such as you actually don’t know the strengths you own. Sometimes it is difficult to find the way how you can put your best foot forward to get in the way of the potential you have! This is where The Career Nudge is really helpful for you.

The Career Nudge is Live on Indiegogo!

The Career Nudge is a month long event with career coaching sessions for women which focuses on giving guidance to them in order to find their real strength and potential. Through the series of career coaching events, women who are under employed or unemployed can get the benefits from the guidance through experts.

When you join with The Carrier Nudge you can expect the below services .You will get 0ne-on-one 30 minute career coaching sessions together with topics such as review of your resume, drafting a cover letter, interview preparations and other important things which are really important to build up your career.

Please have a look onto Indiegogo campaign for more details. Now The Career Nudge is Live on Indiegogo!


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