The Importance of Old Age Homes

The sight and idea of senior citizens having to go to an old age home are frowned upon. When it is considered a crime for adults to abandon their kids, it is also shameful that some kids are not ready to take up the responsibility for their parents. It is very sad that parents who spent their lives sacrificing their needs and interests to fulfill the wishes of their children are ignored by their kids at their time of need.

Importance of Old Age Homes

But it is not the case always. There are senior citizens who are single and have no family, who are depressed and crave for the company of their own kind. Some senior citizens are physically and mentally dependent, and they need someone to give them full attention and keep a constant check on them. A well maintained and facilitated senior citizen home provides them with immense attention and proper medical care. Experts at believe in providing their residents with a proper home to live in, along with preserving their respect, dignity, and privacy.

Importance of Old Age Homes

Old age homes provide a sense of security for old people and a feeling of satisfaction that they are not forgotten. Following are the reasons why the presence of old age homes is so important in our society and for the elderly:

  1. To be independent: One of the most insensitive things you can do to senior citizens is to pity them. They do not need your pity, but your encouragement. Old age homes inculcate a feeling of freedom in the minds of our senior citizens. Being physically dependent does not mean that a person is incapable of taking their decisions independently and chooses how to live. They can take care of themselves till they can. A good old age home not only provides them with a place to live and facilities to enjoy but also encourage them to live independently and do as many chores as they can with the amount of strength they have.
  2. Company: Usually after a certain age, a person starts feeling more passionate about the life they are living in than their career. That is the time when they crave for a company; someone to share their feelings with, someone to confide in and someone to have fun with. A good company never let anyone feel alone or miserable. In old age homes, people find the company of their own age, with the same interests and thoughts. Emotional support increases the willingness of a person to lead a happy life.
  3. Financial and medical aid: This stage of life requires lots of medical attention which eventually leads to the requirements of more finances. An old person is prone to get many problems like heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure or arthritis. Regular check-ups are done at the senior citizen homes. Any requirement of any kind of treatment is being provided by them. They also take care of the medical insurances of their residents.

To put things in a nutshell, the existence of old age homes is really necessary in our society to safeguard our senior citizens and make sure that they have a shelter to live in and people to confide into at times of need.

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