Tips for Donating your Old Furniture

Tips for donating old furniture

Spring cleaning and decluttering are some reasons to donate your old furniture. Not only that, even if you want to buy new furniture, it is good to donate your old furniture to find space. There are many other reasons to donate furniture than selling it in the second-hand market. I know that you are looking for donating because you are so kind and you want to find some good hands for your old furniture. Anyway, are you doing it right? Here are some concerns and tips that you should know before taking further steps to donate old furniture.

Find a place to donate

Donating through an organization is much easier than looking for someone by yourself. Therefore, find a charity organization that accepts used furniture. Check online for charity organizations and look for their requirements. You can even call them and know what you can donate and the procedure to follow. This step will make your donating experience more valuable.

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Get a mover to help

Although there are charity organizations that collect furniture from your doorstep, most of the organizations do not have enough volunteers. Sometimes, they are busy arranging old furniture for the needy. Therefore, when you donate it is better to arrange transport as well. Remember, you are going to make someone smile. Then why don’t you spend your efforts to complete all the actions instead of just looking for someone to pick?

Donate only the items in better condition

This is one of the important tips to remember. Don’t donate because the furniture cannot be used anymore. Donate the items that are in good condition. Most charity organizations check the items before collecting. Therefore it is also wise to contact an organization to know what items they accept and what is not accepted.

Other than above, always try to lend a helping hand to the organization when you donate your old furniture. Don’t just drop and go. Sometimes, donations allow tax deductions. If your country allows such tax reductions, be sure to ask for a receipt for your donation.

By donating your old furniture you help families in need of such items. However, on the other way you are also getting the benefit of decluttering your home. You can arrange your home nicely when you get rid of unwanted bulky items. Although you can earn few bucks by selling your furniture in the used items market, it is always good to join with charity organizations to support their good causes.