6 Handy Tips to Care for Your Natural Fur Coat

Apparel made from natural fur are all-time classics that never go out of style. There’s an evergreen, hi-fashion charm about these pieces; whether they’re fur coats, handbags, jackets or any other fashion element. Not only are natural fur outfits expensive, but they are also difficult to maintain and require dedicated care to preserve their quality and look. Here’s a list of easy-to-follow maintenance tips to keep your fur coats in top condition:

Tips to Care for Your Natural Fur Coat

1. Check The Authenticity of the Fur

Like any jewelry piece or couture dress, fur products come with a quality certificate and care tips.  Keep the certificate safe as it will come in handy in future, if you decide to give it as an heirloom to next of kin or other relatives and friends. If you’ve just bought your first fur possession or it’s a gift from someone, check the authenticity. The easiest way to do this is by taking a bit of the fur and burning it; natural fur will burn out while synthetic fur will melt.

2. Store Your Coat With Care

Fur coats are extremely delicate and sensitive to its surroundings. They tend to fold into any shape that they’re stored in, leaving matted edges and spots if not handled properly. So, use a well-cushioned coat hanger with enough space for the collar to sit snugly. Also avoid storing them in close plastic garment bags, the plastic tends to interact with the fur, making it look dull and stiff. The air circulation will keep the fur hide from forming dry cracks.Check these fur coat storing tips for further tips.

Tips to Care for Your Natural Fur Coat

3. Avoid Damage while Wearing

You need to take care of your fur coat even when you’re wearing it to prevent any long-term damage. For starters, avoid slinging a handbag on your shoulder, the sling will rub against the fur and cause the fur to fall out which will leave an ugly bald mark, often an irreversible damage. Secondly, don’t use any perfume on your coat, the oils from the perfume will soak into the fur and leave a rancid odor that can’t be removed. Lastly, if you plan to sit for long hours, it would be best to remove your fur coat, or alternatively shift positions so that you avoid matted fur lumps.

4. Clean Any Stains & Spots Immediately

If you’ve managed to wet your fur coat by any chance, don’t worry. It will dry out naturally and can go back to its original look with a little fluffing with your hand once dry. At all costs avoid using a hair dryer or blow dryer on your fur coat, the heat can have an adverse effect on the fur. If any further damage like food stains or drink spills have occurred, send it to special fur restoration stores at the earliest. These specialists will be able to recover the original look and feel of the coat with ease.

5. Keep It Cool In Summers

Coats are super sensitive to hot weather conditions, extreme heat can harm the hide of the fur coat, leading to cracks, wear and tear, ultimately making it unusable. These delicate pieces must be stored away in a cool, dark closet away from any sort of heat and light. A well-maintained fur coat can last for as long as fifty years if handled with care.

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