Growing Old (Un)Gracefully: Where Aging Gets More Noticeable

It’s no secret that the body grows older every day. The eyes gradually grow dim. The bulge in the tummy gets harder to shed off. But when it comes to the very first thing that makes people think you’re older than you really are, it’s the skin. Time passing leaves creases, folds, and bumps on the skin’s surface. Yet sometimes, people are oblivious to it, precisely because of the fast-paced modern lifestyle. If you want to look younger than you are though, you need to pay attention to your body. Specifically, these body parts:

Where Aging Gets More Noticeable


They’re among the most exposed to the sun frequently, so the loss of skin elasticity is most apparent here. For women, it’s an even worse case because the hormonal changes add to the aged look. The aging appearance manifests in different ways. The majority, of course, get loose or wrinkled skin. Some develop age spots. Others have scaly patches. There are those who complain about too-visible veins as well. The best way to prevent these unsightly problems is to protect your hands from sun damage, the notorious culprit for premature aging. Use sunscreen always. Even if you’re not going outdoors, remember that the sun’s rays can still get into windows. So make sure to have protection all the time. If possible, use gloves or mittens, too.

Elbows and Knees

These are among those body parts you often wouldn’t think of when it comes to aging, but it’s actually noticeable on other people’s end. The thing with elbows and knees is, they’re mostly bone. No fats and muscles to make them ‘padded’. So people will easily notice them sagging. You put a lot of stress on these areas as well, as you lean on them frequently. Worse, everybody seems to forget elbows and knees when slathering some moisturizing lotion. Philippines-based dermatologists say that these areas equally need hydration as the other parts of the body. They recommend going for products that contain salicylic acid to bring out the well-hydrated, brightened, smooth skin.


Where Aging Gets More Noticeable

Of course, this will be on the list. It’s the first thing people would notice, in fact. Almost all parts of your face can reveal your age. Like for instance, your eyes. The skin around your peepers is a lot more fragile than the rest of the face, so your facial expressions can leave deep creases in that area. Of course, sun damage is also a contributor. This is why eye creams shouldn’t be taken for granted. These are specially formulated, containing more oils than the typical creams, to keep the skin in the eye area hydrated. Another part of the face that’s hit hard by aging is forehead. Again, due to facial expressions, your temple gets the fine lines. Dermatologists often recommend products containing retinol as these effectively improve collagen production, reducing the wrinkles.

How’s Your Aging Body?                                                                    

Don’t let these body parts give away your age. Treat them with extra tender loving care to achieve healthy, young-looking skin. Revamp your skincare routine today.

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